Mr.Grayscale | Mr.Grayscale

Officially coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux

Coming Summer 2018

About Me

Rotate the world, change colour, swap physics...

Drop everything you understand about the puzzle-platform genre and be prepared to be challenged with platforming precision mixed in with a literal helping of think outside the box levels.

Play alone, play with a friend.

Challenge the single player campaign alone or experience the madness with a friend. Whatever you decide the rules are simple. 

Finish the level without getting hit once

If your friend has joined you then both players must finish the level or try again.

Online Leaderboards and Achievements

Wish to see how you stack up with the rest of the world?

Or are you more of a completionist?

What ever your play style is, we've got you covered for both hardcore and casual play.

Game Play Video

Check out the prototype in action